Never Too Far


Never too far away
I won’t let time erase
One bit of yesterday
Cause I have learned that
Nobody can take your place
And though we can never be
I’ll always think of you and me
Always remember…

Love, you’re never too far~

Girl with initial I. You complete me in a certain way. You made my campus life more meaningful. We had such a passionate relationship with so much sweet memories to be remembered. You are my symbol of loyalty only for me to betray it. I do everything for you and you did the same but then I dont know why somehow my conscious keep telling me that you are not the one. We came from a different background and your parents dont like me. I know back then there were nothing much to expect from me as a part time cashier. Fair enough as they dont even know I am a student but the perception was already there and I know I should end it before everything goes too far.

Maybe it was a mistake, I dont know. The thing is I need to admit that I feel very sorry for what I have done to you. It was wrong to simply ignore you and provoke you to leave me just because I see a better prospect with someone else. You are the first person that made me realized the world still moving after my heartbreak failure with the  initial F. You gave me a real hope that we actually can create something better if we are ready to let go the best of the past which I really appreciate. 

Its just me to be blame for. The weak and naive me for not having the guts to take my chance against the negative perception of your rich parents. The selfish me for making a verdict by myself that I am not belong to your family. I am sorry. I never told you about this. I never told you the actual reason. I regret that. I know this will haunt me for a very long time.

I never heard anything about you ever since that night and I just hope that you also already move on with your happy life!   

You Weren’t There

The difference between you and her is that you were not there when it matter the most..

” A sad thing about life is.. When you meet someone who means a lot to you, only to find out in the end that it was never bound to be and we just have to let go.. “

Heartbreak Relief

Its suck to be stuck in this situation! Its always hurt to be so powerless to change thing when you really want it. I have done a lot of mistakes and I have been punished big time ever since then. Anyhow, a relief still a relief. And I am very grateful for that..


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