Work & Colleagues

While my early years in Kuantan will always be years to remember, still my final 2 years with Petikemas in Penang is the most important part of my working life. Eventually I manage to assemble a great team. A little flaw here and there but still as a team we made such a good blend. We were so close and united. We were too attached like a family. I am blessed actually to be given a chance to work alongside such a quality people..

Warm and committed Fai, very discipline and firm lady. A little naive though but in a sweet way. A very very very good friend and certainly not a good enemy to have! Hehehe ~ Energetic and pro active Diyana. Outspoken, confident, reliable and also obidient. Sometime seems like she enjoy to confront others but deep down I always know she meant it in a good way ~ Very organize lady in Eja. Also committed to work and her output always come neat and tidy. Despite no strong knowledge in accounts, she turn to be such a fast leaner. Easy to instruct and reliable ~ Bag of potential in Suhana, she is the strongest in term of knowledge. Also reliable and committed to work. Need to working hard on her self belief, communication and discipline. Very good assistant though. Not forget an easy going manager in Mr Chong. Funny and so understanding. Soft spoken Mr Sera. Slow and steady Rahizan. Niza the novel reader! Keh keh keh.. Always smile and smile and smile. Ali the runner. Always running away, no clue where he actually is! Good person though. 

All in all, what made all of them so special is that they all have respect on people. No need to deny that every single person have an issue against each other but the respect made all of them blended well to form such a happy working family. Like I always said, everybody have their own flaw/weakness but then it must be not a reason we cannot be friend with them. Try to focus on the quality they have so that together we can embrace and compliment each other.

After 3 years in Penang office, I know I have done a good job on every aspect. I came with objectives and I left with most of the objective accomplished. At least on certain part I left it much better than the thing was when I arrived. I have a total faith that they can continue everything that I have started and maintain the happy working environment there. All the best!




  1. We love you too and will always be missing you. Yes, everything was so sweet and really missed all those time together. Thank you for everything that you have done. You are my best fren, family members, brother, dad and collegue….i can share most of the thing with you as you are a good listener as well as sharing ideas n opinion. Really appreciate it and happy to get to know you in my life. Tq once again.

  2. oooooooo…sempat lagi komen kami…yer… apa pn abg hery antara ketua yg baik n paling sporting diyana pnh jumper…heeeee..isk..isk malu lak diri nie dinilai..maafla saya mmg kekdg lepas laku cikit….apa pn mekacih..jgn luper kami di sini…

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