By the time I wrote this, I have less than a week left before moving back to east coast. Going back to my comfort zone. Revert to the all familiar face, familiar place, familiar culture, familiar dialect.

I still remember the day I decide to leave all the familiar things back then. It was not easy, really. But then it turns to be the most meaningful journey I had in my life. Its like a new beginning for me. Better than ever. The ending was not pretty there back into time, but the lesson was immense. Its made me a better person with a different perspective.

3 years wrap up…

First year in Penang, was a transition period. Coming from a small town in a big state to such a big city in a small state made it so easy to fit in. All the fear and guts already long gone before I can even felt it with all the excitement of promising cute little Penang eclipse it all. I found it so interesting here in this new place. I love almost everything about it. So much fun, interesting place to explore. So many food to be tasted. Good culture and also good people to be involve with. Right away I knew that this is the right place to start over.

My second year in Penang mark the new level of my maturity. Once again we have been tested only now we were well equiped with all the necessary quality to hold it on stronger than ever. We have learnt so much back then and we manage to go through the second wave almost unscratch. Alhamdulillah. Then comes the most beautiful gift ever from Allah to seal the bond we preserved. The birth of Nur Atiqah Amani. Cute baby girl to complement our smart boy Muhd Izzuddin Zharfan. I am blessed with such a lovely family. Thank you Allah.

My third year in Penang was a revolution period. Ramadhan last year is the mark. No, couple of weeks before that. Most people call it a hidayah. Some people may call it a midlife crisis. For me, its more to finally be conscious again. I believe that everybody has somehow being approach by this hidayah from Allah only for us to deny that. Its may come in such a various way, even from a simple 15 to 20 minutes description of SIKSA DI PADANG MAHSYAR in TV programme Tanyalah Ustaz at TV9. The important thing is, what did you do when it comes approach you?

You can pretend like you don’t know anything and continue to live in denial or even take it easy as you really think you can live much much much more longer to entertain it later on your life. What if you only have a quarter of what you already have to live up for? Do you think you really have enough time to offset all the wrongdoing you do throughout the years gone by? If you have much more less left?

From that point, I decided to reset everything. Seeing things from a very different perspective now. Really hope I always in the guidance of Allah. I wish Allah will continue to show me the right path and do not turn me back into the darkness.

So here in Penang I found myself. I am sure Allah knows best what is best for me and I am confident that there is more to come waiting for me back there in my comfort zone. While it was a lot of fun here in Penang, deep down I agree that being there will suit me more with my new perspective.



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