283 – You Dont Know What You Have Until…

Until you about to lose it.

” So how about the salary. How much you are expecting? “

” Well, since you are paying overtime then I think I can settle for RM XXXX. “

” Fair. So, when you can start? I really need this pos to be fill up urgently. If you can made it ASAP, would be much better. I am thinking next Monday.”


Whoa whoa whoa. Seriously. Next Monday? In 4 days I am about to switch to new environment. New employer. New responsibility. New sub-ordinates. New standard. New procedure. New discipline. New routine. New bla bla bla..

Seriously, am I ready for this? Suddenly all the anxiety and hesitation comes to mind. My company treat me well all these years. I have been working with them for 6 years last May. Here in my latest position, I am merely second in charge of the branch. Am I really prepare to trade it with a slightly higher pay downgrade position? Bigger company yes but how about the environment? I have never been happier with my working environment. I already have the right staff under me, great colleague and the most important thing is the certainty. I got some freedom here plus I have the utmost trust from higher management.

What is my problem then? My problem. Extra ringgit for monthly income would be nice but then we will have an increment this July so dash one problem. What else? Problem with branch manager? Everybody have problem with their boss right?


” How? “

” Cannot la sir. I still need one month to tender my resignation and complete all the handover properly. “

” Too bad then. We really like you to join us you know. “

” I know, I appreciate it but then if I really about to leave my company I would like to do it proper way sir. “

” Ok then. Let put it this way. We will conduct more interview and if we able to find somebody as good as you who can join us immediately then we will go for that person lah. “

” Fair.”


Demang – so much for a loyalty huh? Just hope the increment this July is worth it!


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