I know somehow you will read this. Or even someone close to you. Or even someone related to you. Or even someone around you. You and only you know who you are.

The fact you are such an ignorance to the ONLY person who put all the hatred and anger deep inside just to comfort you when you really need it, is COMPLETELY BEYOND ME! Proved that really you are SO SELFISH in relationship. If you deny this then there is no doubt that you have such a horrible person around you. Be it your great/true lover wannabe or even your pathetic middle age immature brother! For god sake we all already move on. If it is really hard for you and your family or even your family wannabe to appreciate the true meaning of SINCERE in relationship, then at least shows some respect to a person that have a lot of compassion for you when SHE HAS ALL THE RIGHT TO TEAR YOU APART!

She still remembered your favorite colour, your favorite yogurt drink and your dream of happiness when she supposed to remember how greedy you are in broking her heart before. Its just so improper to treat her this way!

Demang – pity you and them. so hard to forget the past when everybody looking for a bright day ahead. PATHETIC!


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