Watching heroes episode 4 of the new season. Titled ACCEPTANCE. Made me think. Remind me of something. Its just as simple as that. An acceptance.

Its all start with the greediness and denial that will lead us to a series of conflict and dilemma. We always think we deserve much more better. We think we are suppose to be somebody else. We think we good enough to have everything that we wanted. We think we are not belong here where we were all the while. We think we are so much bigger than what we are. We think because we want. Because we are greedy. We rather live in denial. We dont want to believe that we actually had the best of what we could ever have. We dont want to accept that the reality is much more worst than the expectation. Even worst compared to the perfect world we are always dreaming of.

Its just a simple acceptance to solve it all. Hiro Nakamura eventually did accept the way he is meant to be. Thats the point where all the calm and happiness start to arose in him. An acceptance. Well, i do feel so happy right now. I do feel so right. I do feel that calmness. Somehow I know I have already going through these ACCEPTANCE period. Have you???

After all, it was the only way huh! 🙂

Demang – there is nothing wrong in accepting the weaknesses of a person because we also do have weaknesses right?

~II pengomen yang diapproved selepas ni adalah pengomen yang ke 1000! mari kita lihat siapa yang bertuah.. ada hadiah misteri! hehehe.. II~


8 responses to “245 – ACCEPTANCE

    • TAHNIAHHH!!!!! anda adalah pengomen yang ke 1,000 di blog demang online. sila tinggalkan details anda kepada tuan blog untuk urusan penghantaran hadiah! hehehe…

  1. wahhhh….terpaksa bersetuju dgn kenyataan di atas…hemmm…sangat betul kan camtu…hemmm… (masih angguk lg)…. acceptance… just a simple word yaa…tp deep meaning… 😉

    • hahaha.. terpaksa eh???

      sebenarnya part tu la yang paling susah.. kalau senang, takde la cerita orang frust menonggeng sampai rasa nak bunuh diri kan! 🙂

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  3. very true. to accept is not that easy especially when you’re in denial. i’ve experienced that recently. took me ages to accept the brutal truth. but when another recent truth came, i seem to accept it rather naturally, less drama and all. so, yeah. in life we have too many things coming in and out. like breathing. life goes on. acceptance, accepting whatever makes life easier. a good thought. thanks for sharing 🙂

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