” Honey diberhentikan kerja! 😥 “

After office hours on Thursday got this text from my wife. Believe it or not, I AM NOT SURPRISED! I ask why then she replied it was because of the company want to cut cost. Also stated that she was not performing well enough. OK then. I ask her to come over and not to worry anything. Right away I open the internet and start searching for a vacancy. She feel harshly done by the company which I agree but then I am very sure that actually the company simply DONT DESERVED HER at the very first place! Thats why I manage to take it easy.

Look, the only reason I want her to work there is just because her office located nearby of mine. About 5 minutes walk. The basic salary not even close to match her qualification and experience in accounts. She was the only staff in the office of the Penang branch and barely has anything  to do besides all the simple admin work and of course all the ‘i really think it was fucking not necessary’ showcaused letter! DAMN. Imagine this, you happen to send a report one day late as a senior HQ staff do some mistake in her instruction and you have been ask to give a showcaused letter for the delay of the report!!!

Anyway, what she do give nothing much benefit for her future career advancement. So I take it as a bless for her to seek a better opportunity and guest what? She had one interview on the next day’s afternoon and got the job! Yes, I have been so optimistic but still I could not believe my/her luck. Today she got dismiss and the day after she got a new job! She will start on Monday, with a better paid and she will do what she knows best. What more to ask?

Segala puji bagi ALLAH yang maha mengetahui apa yang terbaik buat hamba nya! 🙂

Demang – Honey, extra RM400. I know you deserved a lot better than the stinks company! Hehehe.. 


4 responses to “#208 : ALHAMDULILLAH

  1. waaaahhh~ sangat bertuah la your wife… tp, apesal teruk sangat kompeni lama dia tu? iskkk…

    all the best to her…

  2. euw, paling tak suka bila kita jadi lambat sebab orang lain punya pasal. kesian ur wife. but good for her, terus dapat kerja baru.

    lucky her, ada u as her husband. hihi.

  3. buzzy : mmg teruk! bukan sekali, banyak kali dah kena suruh buat surat tunjuk sebab and mostly sebab remeh temeh. even tak masuk akal pun ada, macam kenapa tak reply fax yang dihantar lepas waktu kerja!!! gile ke apa??? faham sendirik la..

    oh, btw TQ! 🙂

    jane : aisehhh.. patut masa kena terminate tu terus carik hang la! hehehe..

    ayumi : tau takpe! thanks. *blushing* hahaha..

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