#200 : Eh, Dah Dua Ratus!!?

Hehehe.. Kekerapan menulis telah meningkat sekali ganda. It takes me more or less a year to reach 100 entries before. This 200th entry came just after 6 month from the 100th mark. (Actually, the entry before this was the 200th but then technically the stick on post title MOVE ON was not really an entry. It was just kind of reminder to push my mind to ACTUALLY move on. Konon nya dah tak nak tulis benda2 yang get back into time la tapi ada je tulis lagik kan! Hahaha..) 

Well, tahniah untuk diri sendiri! Hehehe.. For kekerapan yang berganda. Kekerapan aje lah, kepakaran nya macam tu jugak! Some people said only a fool will write about him/herself. So, am I? I dont know. I used to hate to write anything about myself or anything about my family because I thought it was boring. I prefer to write something from my imagination. Something about others, about certain event or even politics. But then,  I found out most of the bloggers always tell something about themselves. People actually read it and enjoy comments on others self story so I change my direction to write more about myself. Its true, people prefer to know more about you and how is your life because somehow blogging become one kind of social community where you share everything in here. You find a friend here, you interact and you pay more attention on what happening in here more than what happening around you. Tell me, when was the last time you got update from your neighbour or relative or even families compared to any update or mumbling from your blogging friends! See? Hehehe..

So, I say there is nothing wrong to write about yourself. Its not made you a fool because blogging was not just about writing, its about expressing yourself. Its about sharing everything you want to share, be it about yourself, gossip, news, tips, political view or even a curse. Anything. Some people said my entry in “Blues Untuk Aku” categories always a good one. Some people likes my Man United review while my entries in “Tentang Aku” always got a positive respond from readers. Jadi bagaimana anda tahu anda sepatut nya terus menulis lebih banyak tentang apa?

Well, tepuk dada tanya lah selera. Kalau menulis untuk kepuasan sendiri, kita terus menulis tentang apa yang dekat dengan diri kita. Kalau menulis untuk kepuasan pembaca, tulis apa yang pembaca mahu. After all, your blog is all yours. You decide what you want to write and people have the right to walk away if they dont like. Who cares! Right? 🙂

Demang – Rasa macam diri ni lagi bagus bila menulis tentang masa lalu! Huhuhu..


6 responses to “#200 : Eh, Dah Dua Ratus!!?

  1. chewahhhhhhh… 😉 hehe…setuju la dgn entry ni….tgh baca2 duk angguk2 kepala jer…hehehehh….. ;P

  2. for me… politic boring la. berita politik, baca blog pun politik ke. adeh. letih. yg penting, tulis aje la apa2 yg kita suka.

    tahniah dah banyak entri. hehehe…

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