Today is a special day for her. My wife. Dedicated this special entry for her. Well, somehow today last year was the day that she dont want to remember I suppose. I gave her a surprised brand new handphone that day. Fair enough as I would feel the same when the gift happen to be some kind of a chamber to the hidden story of truth. It was today last year when every things started and I really want it to be ended today or at least by this month.

Dear Honey,

I know sorry will never be enough to compensate all the misery I put you through. I know I’ve been so selfish all this while. I know I’ve been so mean to you but then I know you will always have faith on me. I know you are so damn strong to deal with it and I know you will always ready to be there behind me anytime I want. Despite all the foul treatment I know you will always there when I need you. I know because that was the reason I fall into you. I know you love me more than anything. I know you love me so much and you will do anything for me. You will fight for me anytime. I know.

It was that quality made me feels appreciated, made me feel important to you and made me really feel being loved. I have wasted so much time chasing the love of my dream while NONE of them could possibly love me the way you love me!

Now Honey,

I can say I LOVE YOU hundreds or even thousands times to you but then it will never be good enough to even being close to what you’ve given to me. All I have to give is my blessing to you for being such a wonderful wife to me in every minutes of our marriage. I feel safe, I feel appreciated and I feel respected whenever you around and I want you around as long as I still breathing!

Your place in my heart is GUARANTEED! 🙂




12 responses to “#190 : HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY ENDING

  1. so sweet…. 😉
    Happy Birthday to her (ur beloved wife)!!!
    may Allah bless both of u always….
    happy2 selalu n semoga berbahagia selamanya….

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