# 144 : Exciting/Tiring Year?

Banyak nya kerja nak dibuat! Haihhh.. Just now baru jer habis Budget Meeting. Its nice la to know that boss put a lot of hope and faith to us this year. Its nice also to know that there will be a huge incentive waiting us if we can achieve the target BUT. Definitely a lot of effort and hardwork, sacrifice and all, have to put in before we can actually be there.

We are growing fast. We are out to whack the market. Numbers of people will coming in, some renovation will take place and more gear more capital will be injected. Excited, yes but considering the uncertainty on world economy it will be a challenging year ahead for sure! Haihhh.. First thing first, all the planning, forecast and calculation must be drawn together onto a buch of paper. Need to submit the 2009 Budget by Monday.

So, less time blogging for now. After all, work must always comes first right? Have a nice day everybody and salam takziah to nurnana.


8 responses to “# 144 : Exciting/Tiring Year?

  1. buzzy : yeah right. it is important really, for us to love our job at the very first place and yes, I love my job! semangat semangat! heheh.

    lydia : yer.. sangat menarik sebab involve trip selain bonus berganda! semangat semangat! 🙂

    ieja : ye betul! mulia kan! heheh.

  2. wish you all the best for this year, and years ahead! hoho. 🙂
    betul cakap buzzy tu, banyak kerja pun tak pe asal kita suka buat apa yang kita buat.
    kalau takde kerja rasa cam makan gaji buta pun ada. haha.

  3. terima kasih atas segala doa dan keprihatinan kawan2.
    semoga arwah ayah saya tenang di sana.

    >> nurnana dan keluarga

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