# 140 : Its All Start With HATE

” God I hate him so much! Menyampah betul! Perangai macam apa jer! “

” Kenapa gedik sangat dia tu? Muka jer lawa tapi perangai masya allah! “

Hah. Beware, coz everything mostly start with hate. Its true. Well for me at least. I used to dislike my wife before as people keep bringing up bad thing about her. My bad actually for letting myself judging her solely based on the very first impression. Thats why people always said dont judge the book by its cover. In fact, by right you will never know until you let yourself to get to know. One thing led to another and somehow we found ourselves falling for each other despite all the rough start in the beginning.

The thing is, this judging the book by its cover concept really closely related to the fact that mostly everything can start with a hate. We tend to know all the bad thing or dark side of a person first before we start to realize all the quality that sometimes really did surprised us. Its like we already know how bad that particular person could be but then all the good thing that we actually see time after time will be eventually made us like him/her even more and its going stronger and stronger.  

There were also one time when I try everything I can to hate somebody just to be end up love her so much. I sense all the quality and the good thing from the very beginning and I do like everything about it. Its just that I am not in the situation that allow me to develop all the unnecessary feeling thus made me trying so hard to hate it. So there goes my law of universe, ITS ALL START WITH HATE.    

The more I try to hate it, the more I feel to like it and it was too late when I realize that I had going too far developing unnecessary feeling by being hatred!

Give all people a fair chance and the time will tell whether or not they belong to our life.. 🙂


4 responses to “# 140 : Its All Start With HATE

  1. perasaan benci tu mmg senang sangat nak develop dalam diri kita… i think it’s kinda normal.

    mmg salah judge orang dr luaran je. but, that’s what most of us do… for make things better, just think positively towards everybody even 1st impression tu mmg dah buruk lah.

    for me, it’s ok for me to hate someone by 1st impression, tp, just let yourself know lah. jangan lah nak canang kat orang lain. itu yang buat things complicated and hatred to that someone menular ke orang lain…

  2. yes.. exactly. even the 1st impression is bad tak rugi pun kalau kita fikir positif and give some reasonable time for that person to prove us wrong.

    tapi kalau dah duk tanam benci benci tak suka tak suka lepas tu baru kenal, baru tau.. hah, confirm bercinta terus! hahaha..

  3. kalau untuk saya, sangat susah nak membenci orang. my first thought it, semua orang adalah baik. tunggulah, sampai dah kenal pun, kalau ada yang saya tak suka, then i just accept it as one of kelemahan dia.

    i used to go by this :

    we hate people because we do not know them, and we do not know them because we hate them

  4. hurmmm.. betul betul betul.. and echah sangat baik hati, you can always be a good friend then! 🙂

    kelemahan atau keburukan seseorang tak menjadikan dia tidak layak untuk berkawan dengan kita, kannnnn! heheh..

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