Now You Know

I have foreseen this.

Back then i know its hard and it was not easy for me neither. I know its seems like i ran away but the truth is i know exactly what is going on in your little confusing heart. I know you need him more than anything. You always do. You had no one there. Even when we are close together you are always need him. I know that. I always know that as much as you always deny it. There was no such thing you can not forget your ex only that you are not completely happy with him. You are trying too hard seeking for the perfection my dear.

One thing led to another. You end up trap in a crowd of immature relationship. He was not gentle enough to understand you, not man enough to forgive you and worst not mature enough to accept the truth. There is no way he will look at you again when i am around. As much as he annoy me with his childish attitude, i always care about you very much.

You see, i always in a situation where i can ignore you whenever you came to me as he keep insult you like you are the worst person he ever be with. Like you never been the best thing happen to him. Fair enough, you have betray his trust on you but what he did was rather emotionally unreasonable. I am hurt too but you have suffer enough. I always happy to be there for you whenever you need it but its not suppose to be like that if you really want him back!

For that, i did what i had to do. Luckily the offer came just about the right time. I know back then you dont think its a good idea but i hope now you know.. IT WAS THE ONLY WAY! I had to do what i need to do not because i wish to get rid of you out of my life. I had to do what i need to do to preserve your only hope for a better relationship there. To create a better chances for you.

Now you know and its OK for you to ignore me as i know you dont need me anymore!


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