” Once you decide on what you really want, there is no more turning back. Everything after that is a quest. Whether or not you end up happy with your choice is not that important as long as you really know what you want in your life! After all, you know that you have the courage to stick on your choice rather than being push here and there without any clue on what you really want in life. “


Watching heroes episode 4 of the new season. Titled ACCEPTANCE. Made me think. Remind me of something. Its just as simple as that. An acceptance.

Its all start with the greediness and denial that will lead us to a series of conflict and dilemma. We always think we deserve much more better. We think we are suppose to be somebody else. We think we good enough to have everything that we wanted. We think we are not belong here where we are all the while. We think we are so much bigger than what we are. We think because we want. Because we are greedy. We rather live in denial. We dont want to believe that we actually had the best of what we could ever have. We dont want to accept that the reality is much more worst than the expectation. Even worst compared to the perfect world we are always dreaming of.

Its just a simple acceptance to solve it all. Hiro Nakamura eventually did accept the way he is meant to be. Thats the point where all the calm and happiness start to arose in him. An acceptance. Well, i do feel so happy right now. I do feel so right. I do feel that calmness. Somehow I know I have already going through these ACCEPTANCE period. Have you???

After all, it was the only way huh! :)

Demang – there is nothing wrong in accepting the weaknesses of a person because we also do have weaknesses right?

~II pengomen yang diapproved selepas ni adalah pengomen yang ke 1000! mari kita lihat siapa yang bertuah.. ada hadiah misteri! hehehe.. II~

#106 : Move On

Why it is so hard to move on? Why the old one must always be the best one and no other?

You may think i am hypocrite by telling you this as i did faced the same problem before but hey, i’ve learnt a lot! Believe me, first thing you need to do to move on is to ACTUALLY MOVE ON. World will keep moving and time definitely are not waiting for you. There is no time for you to look back and keep waiting for the moment that already passed. Just let all the memories remain and enjoy creating a new one.

Its hard. Its not easy. OK, understand that. You think you had the best thing ever happen in your life before BUT, what made you think you will never have that kind of happiness anymore? In a different way, yes. Its not the same, yes. The situation may be different but still it can be another best thing happen or even better right? You are holding back your potential for a better life by keep seeking the almost impossible old awesome life.

Stop comparing what you have now and then. We definitely will not getting everything we wish for. Start accepting everything around you as it is. Appreciate all you have now in your life because you will know how precious all that when you lost them. God knows best what he think the best for you. Just keep a little faith and start believing that your best thing will happen to come again and again!


I have seen it all…

Untuk final Piala Malaysia 2014 menentang kelab Johor FC, saya tidak meletakkan harapan yang tinggi untuk ke Bukit Jalil. Kalau ada rezeki dapat tiket, insya Allah, kalau tidak biarlah penyokong2 ‘TEGAR’ tok gajah yang mengiringi pasukan ke Bukit Jalil.

Saya dah tak larat, dah penat dan dah puas. Noktah cemerlang di Darul Makmur, semoga pasukan Pahang terus melangkah ke hadapan dan terus berjaya di masa akan datang.

Saya mula kembali mengikuti perkembangan pasukan Pahang ketika bermain cemerlang di Liga Perdana menentang ATM ketika itu. Pahang terus ampuh mengorak langkah kebangkitan hingga sampai ke peringkat kalah mati Piala Malaysia 2012 dan juga memenangi play off untuk ke Liga Super 2013.

Pahang bermula cemerlang dalam saingan Liga Super 2013 dengan menewaskan pasukan bintang Johor FC walaupun bergantung sepenuh nya pada pemain tempatan. Ketika itu nama Kojie dan Gopi mula meletup. Kurang konsisten dan kekurangan depth menyaksikan Pahang sekadar tamat di tempat kelima, cukup bagus untuk pasukan yang baru naik liga.

Piala Malaysia 2013 merupakan kenangan terindah bagi semua penyokong yang teguh berdiri sepanjang era kebangkitan semula skuad tok gajah. Pahang berjaya menjuarai Piala Malaysia menewaskan juara bertahan Kelantan, selepas kali terakhir memenangi nya pada tahun 1992.

Kehadiran EA sedikit sebanyak turut menyumbang kepada semangat pasukan Pahang bermain demi warna kebanggaan rakyat negeri Pahang. Liga Super 2014 menyaksikan saingan yang tidak kurang hebat nya dari pasukan Pahang.

Penyokong Pahang semakin ramai, mula kembali membanjiri stadium seperti di zaman kegemilangan Pahang dulu. Pahang FA mendapat nafas baru, peluang kedua untuk terus menambat hati peminat mereka.

Malang nya, PBNP tetap seperti dahulu. Tidak ingin belajar dari kesilapan lama, tidak mahu bangkit dari kemunduran masa lalu.

Pemain datang dan pergi, itu pasti tapi berapa lama pemain sudi setia menabur budi adalah tanggungjawab persatuan. Hati peminat memang takkan terjaga namun sekurang kurang nya buatlah yang terbaik untuk pemain.

Kerana sungguh, saya menjadi saksi yang pemain telah memberikan yang terbaik kepada Pahang FA!

Hitam Putih Takkan Padam, selama nya Pahang Darul Makmur!

-Zamhariri Ismail-


Work & Colleagues

While my early years in Kuantan will always be years to remember, still my final 2 years with Petikemas in Penang is the most important part of my working life. Eventually I manage to assemble a great team. A little flaw here and there but still as a team we made such a good blend. We were so close and united. We were too attached like a family. I am blessed actually to be given a chance to work alongside such a quality people..

Warm and committed Fai, very discipline and firm lady. A little naive though but in a sweet way. A very very very good friend and certainly not a good enemy to have! Hehehe ~ Energetic and pro active Diyana. Outspoken, confident, reliable and also obidient. Sometime seems like she enjoy to confront others but deep down I always know she meant it in a good way ~ Very organize lady in Eja. Also committed to work and her output always come neat and tidy. Despite no strong knowledge in accounts, she turn to be such a fast leaner. Easy to instruct and reliable ~ Bag of potential in Suhana, she is the strongest in term of knowledge. Also reliable and committed to work. Need to working hard on her self belief, communication and discipline. Very good assistant though. Not forget an easy going manager in Mr Chong. Funny and so understanding. Soft spoken Mr Sera. Slow and steady Rahizan. Niza the novel reader! Keh keh keh.. Always smile and smile and smile. Ali the runner. Always running away, no clue where he actually is! Good person though. 

All in all, what made all of them so special is that they all have respect on people. No need to deny that every single person have an issue against each other but the respect made all of them blended well to form such a happy working family. Like I always said, everybody have their own flaw/weakness but then it must be not a reason we cannot be friend with them. Try to focus on the quality they have so that together we can embrace and compliment each other.

After 3 years in Penang office, I know I have done a good job on every aspect. I came with objectives and I left with most of the objective accomplished. At least on certain part I left it much better than the thing was when I arrived. I have a total faith that they can continue everything that I have started and maintain the happy working environment there. All the best!